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Batışehir Special

Turkey’s first
Radisson Blu Residence in

‘Radisson Blu Residence Istanbul Batışehir’, the first residence of the Radisson Blu brand in Turkey, consists of 171 hotel apartments concept residences ranging from 1+0 to 3+1 in 23 to 125 square meters. "Radisson Blu Residence Istanbul Batışehir", which is located in Batışehir, Turkey's mixed investment project with its project and social field features, offers hotel comfort, especially for business trips and short-term stays.; The SPA includes 24-hour restaurants, a bar, high-speed internet, 4 meeting rooms, a gym and parking areas.

To offer you a full life is a great pleasure for us. Famous brands, pleasure and you will be on the same street.

To enjoy shopping and meet all your needs, you will just stop by the shopping street in Batışehir. This street, which will be open not only to Batışehir but to all of Istanbul, will have a moving Square along Batışehir next to TEM Highway.
A few steps away from a prestigious shopping street.
We offer you a wide range of outstanding brands. You can shop at 121 different stores in Batışehir shopping street.
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