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Batışehir Lounge

Lounge: For those considering privileges to be their life standards

Lounges, always a symbol of privilege and prestige, now invites you to a new life in Batışehir’s favourable spot.

A life where you will always feel yourself in a Lounge together with your beloved ones…

Such lifestyle is available only in Batışehir Lounge

Located at a favourable spot in Istanbul’s most prestigious project, Batışehir Lounge rises just over the Shopping Avenue which will become the new centre of attraction in the city with hundreds of exclusive stores and brands. Batışehir Lounge, where you will enjoy social life outdoors to the full, awaits you in Batışehir with huge investment opportunities and life standards exceeding all the privileges you have heard of.

An intense fresh air pleasure awaits you in Batışehir Lounge

You will simply go out to your balcony whenever you desire to fully enjoy fresh rather than seeking for a nearby park. You will start shopping outdoors or savour looking at stars in Batışehir Lounge the moment you leave your home.

Batışehir Shopping Avenue

Certain to become a centre of attraction not only for Batışehir but also the whole region with hundreds of stores and brands in Batışehir Lounge, the Shopping Avenue awaits you and your beloved ones right beneath your home. You will simply look down from your home while many people will have to cover long distances to explore İstanbul’s latest shopping trend. The Shopping Avenue, standing right across Batışehir Lounge, will let some individuals enliven their social lives when they meet with friends while enabling others to indulge in the privilege of following the fashion effortlessly.

Your happiest moments take place outdoors

You will reach blue skies whenever you like with Batışehir Lounge’s exclusive outdoor areas. You will be able to host your guests in these private areas without being bothered by anyone.
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