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Office Concept

A+ offices that bring solutions to different needs

Complete with its residence, residence and numerous functions, the offices of different sizes offered by Batışehir according to the needs of business life add success to the success of your business with its advantageous location in the center of Istanbul. Especially the proximity to important transportation routes, all your requests will easily reach the Batışehir shopping street and the hotel where you can welcome your important guests from the comfort of home, with the way to win you, your business and investments.

Those who do business in Batışehir are also very lucrative about time.

Batışehir offers great benefits to your business with its location in the center of the city while hosting important guests and organizing your business meetings. Your success in business does not give you time in Batışehir.

The biggest difference of Batışehir is its central location

Batışehir; in Güneşli, just across from Doğan Media Center is located at the exact intersection of TEM and E-5. In other words, where the heart of Istanbul beats, a new city is now being established.

With its advantageous location in the center of Istanbul, it adds success to the success of your business.

3 key reasons to opt for Premium offices

- Correct work areas according to the needs of your company
- Optimized volume usage of different sizes
- The privilege of having offices in the best locations for business

Big office options for big goals
In large-volume offices designed specifically for international corporate companies, starting from 380 m2 and reaching up to 750 m2 on the full floor, you will enjoy easily meeting the needs of your business.

A new world that will boost your comfort and creativity

Working in offices of different volumes starting from 77 m2, designed to meet the needs of small and medium enterprises, will enable you to set new horizons in your business.

Experience the comfort of indoor parking in your office

In Batışehir, there are 12 indoor parking facilities in full floor large offices and 2 indoor parking facilities in small offices waiting for you.

Your position in business life is rising with Batışehir A+ offices.

- 10 minutes to Maslak and Levent,
- Proximity to Metro
- Near the city hotel
- Near TEM Highway
- Easy entry-exit to TEM Highway
- Shopping street and square with famous brands

A+ Offices
A+ Features

- City hotel where you can welcome your important guests
- Award - winning architecture
- Restaurants and cafes offering the best examples of world cuisine
- Indoor and outdoor parking
- Meeting rooms with high standards of technical equipment
- Reception Services
- Openable windows that provide freedom
- With the latest technology security systems

Special Services To You

- Valet Parking
- Private Floor Gardens For You
- Pay As Much As You Spend Cost Management System
- Archive Room
- IT consulting
- Indoor/Outdoor Parking
- Lostra and dry cleaning
- Back Office
- Copy Center
- Restaurants and cafes
- Lobbying and consultation
- Fully Equipped Security
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