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Office Concept

A+ Offices offering solutions for different requirements

Batışehir, a complete city with its flats, residences and unlimited functions, offers offices in various sizes for specific business requirements which notch your success up thanks to their advantageous location at the heart of Istanbul. Batışehir helps you profit from your business and investments with its proximity to key destinations, particularly the Atatürk Airport and Batışehir Shopping Avenue, where you can find anything you need as well as a hotel to host your important guests in the comfort of your home.

Those doing business in Batışehir also profit from time.

Batışehir brings great advantages to your business with its central location in the city as you host your important guests or organize your business meetings. Time is never a setback to our business success.

Batışehir’s biggest difference is its central location

Batışehir is just across Doğan Media Centre in Güneşli. Located at the junction of TEM and E-5 Highways, it is only 10 minutes away from the Atatürk Airport. In other words, a new town is established now where Istanbul's heart beats...

It notches your business success up thanks to its advantageous location at the heart of İstanbul and proximity to the Atatürk Airport.

3 reasons for you to prefer premium offices:

- Proper work areas matching your company’s specific requirements
- Optimized use of volume thanks to different sizes
- Privilege of owning an office at most favourable locations

Big office options for great goals
You will enjoy meeting your business requirements easily with large-scale offices specifically designed for international corporations with sizes ranging from 380 m² to 740 m² on full floor.

A new world to enhance your comfort and creativity

Offices designed to meet specific requirements of small and medium sized enterprises come in various sizes—smallest being 77 m²—and allow you to set new horizons for your business.

Enjoy the comfort of a parking garage in your office

Batışehir provides 12 parking garages for full floor offices and 2 parking garages for small-sized ones.

Your position in the business life gets stronger with Batışehir A+ offices.

- 5 minutes away from the Atatürk Airport, 10 minutes away from Maslak and Levent
- Close to subway
- Near the city hotel
- Right beside the TEM Highway
- Easy entry to/exit from the TEM Highway
- A shopping avenue with famous brands and a square

A+ Offices
A+ Features

- A city hotel to host your important guests
- Awarded architecture
- Restaurants and cafes serving the best examples from the world cuisines
- Outdoor parking lots and parking garages
- Meeting rooms equipped with state-of-the-art technologies
- Reception Services
- Opening windows for freedom
- Cutting-edge security systems

Exclusive Services

- Valet Parking Services
- Exclusive Floor Gardens
- Pay As You Go Cost Management System
- Archive Room
- IT Consultancy
- Parking Lots/Parking Garages
- Shoeshine Parlor and Dry Cleaning
- Back Office
- Copy Centre
- Restaurants and Cafes
- Lobby and Information Desk
- Fully-equipped Security
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