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Ege Yapı, laid its foundations in 2006 following the national and international experience we have gained in the real estate sector, has successfully carried out the contracting and development of real estate of many projects such as residences, offices, hotels, shopping centres and educational institutions in Turkey and abroad. As Ege Yapı, we have undertaken it as a mission to develop privileged projects that make people's lives easier and offer a better quality of life. While fulfilling our responsibility to our country and future generations, we aim to develop projects and make investments that comply with the universal conditions of our age, and contribute to the development of the country and the welfare of the society and provide employment opportunities.

Aware of the fact that natural resources are highly valuable treasures for us, we shape our projects under the concept of sustainable environment. We exceed the ordinary in both the architectural solutions and social responsibility projects we participate in, and we strive to be the best in every field of the business we do. We have adopted it as a principle to add value not only to our own projects but also to the environment we are in with the projects we develop in city centres or locations close to the centres.

As Ege Yapı, we have completed and handed over a total of 1 million m² of construction area in the last 4 years and reached a 2 million m² construction area with the ongoing projects of Kordon İstanbul, Cer İstanbul, Premium Office Beylerbeyi, ÇamlıYaka Konakları and the projects of Beyoğlu, Ataşehir, Çekmeköy which are currently under construction.


1 Million m²


2 Million m²


2 Billion $


Ege Yapı offers professional services in every field from special housing and corporate building constructions to industrial, social fields as well as the fields of education and healthcare.

The full service approach of Ege Yapı:
  • • Real Estate Development
  • • Superstructure Contracting Services
  • • Infrastructure Contracting Services
  • • Restoration and Renovation
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