Human Resources


Human Resources

Ege Yapı has a growing organizational structure by contributing to the development and transformation of the sector in today's conditions with its sectoral experience, knowledge and innovative perspective.  Ege Yapı Family consists of specialists and competent professionals who can transform by rapidly adapting to changing conditions and convert their experiences into result-oriented solutions by committing to the corporate values of the company.

The human resources policy of our company  that provides employment in the sector with prestigious projects with high brand value, supports the professional improvement of all employees involved in its projects, and contributes to the increase of qualified workforce in the sector, consists of proactive and innovative principles. Although Ege Yapı has an organizational structure that develops in coordination with its rapidly growing dynamic structure, it has a company culture that is committed to corporate values ​​and traditions. All employees of Ege Yapı enjoy the privilege of taking part in pioneering projects that create difference and undertaking works that bring vision to both themselves and the industry in a happy and peaceful environment.

Being a member of Ege Yapı ...

We grow with the power we get from our employees. We would like to see you among us.

The Human Resources Policy and Practices of Ege Yapı are carried out in the light of the following principles:

• We aim for Ege Yapı to be an exclusively preferred company to work in the sector.

• As a company, we care about working with candidates who have a high development potential, competence suitable for the job, and who can adopt and maintain company values.

• The candidates who do not avoid competition and have high self-confidence are our priority.

• We balance the expectations of our employees and our company in accordance with the principles of Ege Yapı.

• We evaluate the success and performance of our employees at work, support their improvement and encourage them for success.

• We aim to make use of our in-company human resources in fulfilment of our requirements.

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