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Projects That Make The City
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2 million m2 construction
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Having gained experience in the national and international arenas in the real estate industry, we laid the foundations of Ege Yapı in 2006. The company achieved the construction and real estate development works of many projects at home and abroad such as residences, offices, hotels, shopping malls and education centers. Ege Yapı has always dedicated itself to developing favored projects that eased human life and offered a better quality of life. While carrying out our responsibility towards Turkey and the future generations, we also aim to create projects and make investments which will comply with the universal conditions of our time, contribute to the development of Turkey and the wealth of the nation, and provide employment.

We shape our projects according to sustainable environment requirements knowing that natural resources are invaluable treasures. We think outside the box both in architectural solutions and social responsibility projects and try to be the best in everything we do. It has been a principle to add value not only to our projects but also to the environment with the projects we have developed in or close to city centers. We have always preferred enjoying cities to escaping, preserving identity to dissociating, coexisting to living in seclusion, and renewing and developing to losing the essence. We also believe that the good should be protected while trying for the better and that the best can also be attained without concessions.

After Batışehir, the first complex living space project of Turkey that was built with all the functions, Ege Yapı drew the attention of both investors and the business world with various projects that add up to 1 million m2 such as Pega Kartal, İz Tower, İz Park, Shangri-La Bosphorus Hotel and Sheraton Grand Samsun Hotel projects.

Ege Yapı achieved 1 million m2 construction area with the projects delivered within the last 4 years. However, we reached to 2 million m2 with Kordon İstanbul, Cer İstanbul, Premium Ofis Beylerbeyi, ÇamlıYaka Konakları (on sale) and Beyoğlu, Ataşehir and Çekmeköy projects (in project phase) and Maslak Square (under construction).


Ege Yapı delivers professional services in all areas ranging from private residential and corporate construction to industrial, social, educational, and health areas.

Ege Yapı's full-service approach:

  • Real Estate Development
  • Superstructure Contracting Services
  • Infrastructure Contracting Services
  • Restoration & Renovation