Innovative Vision
Customer Orientation
Intelligent Engineering
Being from Ege Yapı… We grow with the power we get from our employees. We'd like to see you among us.

Ege Yapı has a growing organizational structure by contributing to the development and transformation of the sector under today's conditions with its sectoral experience, knowledge and innovative perspective.

Depending on the company's corporate values, Ege Yapı Family consists of experts and competent professionals who can adapt quickly to changing conditions and transform their experiences into result-oriented solutions.

Our company's human resources policy, which supports the professional development of all the employees employed in its projects and contributes to the increase of qualified labor force in the sector, has proactive and innovative principles with the prestigious and high brand value projects implemented.

Ege Yapı has a developing organizational structure in coordination with its fast-growing dynamic structure, but has a corporate culture that depends on its corporate values and traditions.

All employees of Ege Yapı enjoy the privilege of taking part in pioneering and distinctive projects in a happy and peaceful environment and signing jobs that give vision to both themselves and the sector.

Human Resources Policy and practices of Ege Yapı take place in the light of the following principles:
  • We aim to make Ege Yapı a particularly preferred company to work in the sector.
  • As a company, we care to work with candidates who have a high potential for development, who have the appropriate competence to work, who can adopt and maintain company values.
  • Candidates who don't run away from competing, who have high self-confidence, are our priority.
  • We balance the expectations of our employees and our company in accordance with the principles of Ege Yapı.
  • We evaluate our employees ' achievements and work performances at work, support their development and encourage them to succeed.
  • We aim to benefit from our in-house human resources in meeting our needs.
  • We follow new developments in human resources management and evaluate and implement them in accordance with the needs of our company.
Selection and Placement

All applications to our company are carefully examined and included in our candidate pool to be evaluated in accordance with the requirements.

To us for our positions that are open www.kariyer.net you can apply through it.

For our positions that are not open ik@egeyapi.com you can apply by sending your resume to the address and be involved in the evaluation process.

All applications to our company are kept confidential due to business ethics and are evaluated in accordance with the principle of equal opportunity.

Our selection and placement processes are carried out with the relevant department managers in human resources coordination. The first interviews are conducted by the Human Resources Department and the candidates who comply with our corporate values, company culture, team employee profile and business requirements are invited to the second interview for technical evaluation. As a result of the positive interviews, the reference research process is carried out and the job offer process is started.

All of our candidates are given feedback as a result of the interviews; Furthermore, our candidates can contact Human Resources at any time regarding the process.

Career Management and Development

Each member of the Ege Yapı Family is evaluated separately in line with the company's career management policies and needs and participates in training programs where they can develop their knowledge, skills and competencies depending on the business requirements within the framework of the principle of equal opportunity.

In addition to trainings such as orientation and on-the-job training programs, quality and Management Systems Training Programs, Occupational Health and Safety & Environmental Protection Training programs, training programs are prepared in line with corporate and individual goals and education programs are carried out to increase educational effectiveness and education is returned.

In addition, our employees, who are included in special talent groups according to performance results, are given the opportunity to work as managers in Ege Yapı by developing their managerial skills and competencies.

All “direct and indirect employees” working in our projects are included in the training programs.

We strive to improve ourselves on a day-to-day basis. We would be delighted to welcome you to our company.